Bleach Brave Souls: Best PvP Characters [2022]

Now that you have a stellar idea of who sits at the top in leaderboards (Bleach Brave Souls: PvP Tier List) and who doesn’t, let’s talk about why some of these S tier and A tier characters are so strong!

1 Jugram Haschwalth (TYBW):

At the moment, Jugram is beyond broken. You’d think the Flurry along with Poise would be all they’d add to him. Maybe they’d give him shields at some point, something like a Pierce Barrier too? Nope, the developers really did a one eighty on this one. They gave him straight up invincibility, and to make matters even worse; you take damage every time you attack him. Jugram has these two passives known as Brave Battle Invincibility and Brave Battle Counter. So he has invincibility in given moments, and if you attack him in others you basically get it dealt back. So as a Jugram player, just walk into the middle of all that chaos and watch everything become dust. Instead of another Jugram or a Chad with really high defense, Jugram is basically unkillable in the current state of the game.

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2 – Askin Nakk Le Vaar (TYBW): 

Askin is responsible for making the attribute stat a meta thing. Askin’s SA is the thing that is the talk of the town right now. Instead of giving his team a boost, Askin applies a rare debuff on the opponent team which greatly reduces their ATK, DEF and FCS by 33%. On top of that it also overlaps their boost and disables it. This would honestly not be too strong but Askin does it all one by one because of his super-slow cast times due to the attribute stat. His debuff can be cancelled by another boost or another Askin who just uno-reverses it. However, this is where the Attribute stat comes in as it can greatly increase or decrease your cast times. In this light, Askin becomes a meta character simply because of his Special Attack and his ability to cast slow.

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3 – Yasutora ChadSado (Bond Version): 

Chad is a very old character, especially in the Bleach universe. It’s actually insane how he has still kept his position at the very top, but lucky for him he is still the best main booster in the game. Jugram’s release has made Chad even more important now, he’s probably the only option you have against a maxed out Jugram player. A good Chad with a Level 3 Transcendence in Defense stats can hold Jugram back but it also makes him vulnerable to SP-based attacks. While that seems like it’s not going to happen much, it is still an Attribute Stat meta which means anything can happen at any time.

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4 – Kenpaichi Zaraki (CFYOW Truths):

Kenpachi keeps his position as the best DPS in the game by a far and thorough margin. DPS are a weird lot in BBS, mainly because of how confusing the meta becomes but Kenny’s still got it. The problem for Kenpachi right now is that Jugram has released, and everyone wants that dude. However, if you don’t have Jugram at the moment then please use Kenny, he’s an incredible alternative although he’s nowhere close to Jugram whatsoever.

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5 – Riruka Dokugamine (Machine Society Version):

Riruka and Kenpachi are essentially the same character in all departments, same kit and same play style. Although they do have one minor difference, in that Riruka’s killer is a bit worse and she’s slower and tankier. No matter, Riruka is a great alternative for Jugram as well if you don’t have him yet or if you don’t have Kenpachi either!

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6 – Grimmjow Jeagerjaques (CFYOW Truths):

Grimmjow is thankfully still the same character that we all know and love. He’s still got his uber strong natural attributes in his Enhanced DR, high Bruiser, good killer and a good affiliation. The problem with him is that there aren’t many great match ups for him, you need either a Jugram with him or you’re not going to be surviving much in the attribute meta.

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7 – Nnoitora Gilga (CFYOW):

Nnoitora is a very commendable and quite decent main booster and a really good alternative for Chad. He’s obviously quite far from being as good as Chad at boosting because of his lack of Enhancer and his incompatibility with the attribute stats. He’s still a super solid and extremely fun pick though, with his transformation move-sets and his safe affiliations.

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8 – Tokinada Tsunayashiro (CFYOW):

Tokinada is a very experimental character. His main strategy is the LDS, which means that you have to die and revive yourself so that you can hit enemy units from a distance. It’s a strategy that takes a lot of people by surprise and that’s often why it works. He’s also a pretty decent primary booster but you’d have to be mental to use him in the current Meta, but he’s a really good DPS when it comes to it.

9 – Ichibei Hyosube (TYBW):

Surprisingly, Ichibei was probably the best character in the game for a while until Askin and Jugram came out, now he’s the lowest rated S-Tier character. He is countered much harder than anyone else by Jugram and Askin, they have a killer on him which can basically take him out within moments. Others can definitely hold their own, especially Chad and Nnoitora. Worst part though, he doesn’t have a special ability or team support and doesn’t fit well with most team compositions. But the reason why he’s still an S-Tier is his extremely high DPS attack power, he also has an enhanced bruise and his pierce barrier skill is mighty strong. Not to mention the infamous Flurry + Poise skillset. He’s still a terrific character, but he might be getting kicked off the list pretty soon not going to lie.

10 — Yoruichi Shihoin (Fierce Battle Version): 

Yoruichi is currently suffering from the same issues as Ichibei. However, what makes her a better contender against Jugram, is that she has a much better killer and her enhanced DR is a mighty saving grace for her. She’s much weaker than she used to be before that’s for certain, but she can hold her own against almost any and all DPS and if she can against Jugram, then she’s a viable pick.

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