Fate Grand Order: Camelot Guide [2022]

Fate Grand Order is a free-to-play mobile game based on the Fate/Stay Night series. A game of the gacha genre, FGO was initially only available for play in Japan and later expanded its services to the rest of the world. 

The players of FGO are masters that summon their servants to fight enemies and save the human race from extinction. The servants summoned to fight the battle are usually heroic or mythical spirits from the past.

Fate Grand Order is a Japanese role-playing game. It is a turn-based combat game narrated in the visual novel format. 

The players save the human race by retrieving the seven Holy Grails by distorting the key locations and periods of the past such as Babylonia, America, and Camelot.

The combination of a gripping story and excellent game mechanics have been the key factors for the popularity of Fate Grand Order.

What is FGO Camelot?

FGO requires the player to travel back in time and destroy the singularities to prevent the extinction of the human race. Camelot is the sixth out of the seven singularities of FGO. 

There is a massive spike in the difficulty level of Camelot when compared to the other singularities. This is why even ardent FGO players and enthusiasts struggle at first.

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FGO Camelot Guide

The lack of adequate guidance can make it hard to deal with the difficulty level arising in FGO Camelot. It could lead to a lot of frustration. Here is a guide to making the FGO Camelot singularity easy for you. 

This is a step-by-step guide to walk you through the basics of FGO Camelot.

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New Servants

The first and foremost thing to discuss would be the new servants.

With every new singularity, there is an addition of new servants; Camelot also has an addition of a handful of new servants. There are three new three-star servants, four new four-star servants, and two new five-star servants.

Three-Star Servants

The three-star servants are Serenity, Bediviere, and Tawara. 

Serenity is a single target arts assassin. She excels at de-buffing and poisoning enemies. She is powerful and has a great single power noble phantasm. She is perfect if you are looking for an offensive assassin or a high utility servant due to her skill and noble phantasm seals. 

Bedivere is a three-star saber with a buster noble phantasm. He is one of the best three stars in the game. He has a four-star tier burst damage with his skills. He is the best offensive saber.

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Tawara Toda is a defensive archer and has a special bonus against demonic enemies. He can be a great three-star especially if you are looking for an archer that can also farm.

Four-Star Servants

The four-star servants include Gawain, Tristen, Saber Lancelot, and Nitocris.

Gawain is a four-star buster saber. Though the situational skills make him underwhelming and it is best to think of him as a four-star Fergus

Tristen is a support archer. There’s not much difference between David and Tristen as support archers.

Lancelot is one of the best four stars in the game due to the very high damage and very high self-sustain rate. He also has a high noble phantasm. He can be a great choice if you want an offensive saber.

Nitocris is possibly the best farming servant in the whole game at any level. The reliable instant death mechanic and a spammable noble phantasm are the key characteristics of Nitocris. She is extremely handy for farming and event quests.  

Five-Star Servants

The five-star servants are Ozymandias and Arturia.

Ozymandias is one of the best riders in the game. He has great strength both offensively and defensively. It is hands down one of the best servants in the game. He has a high utility and can reliably use imperial privilege.

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Lancer Arturia is similar to Saber Arturia. She has a low damage potential but is great at farming.

Gawain, Tristen, Bedievere, and Arturia Lancer are story locked and only made available once you finish Camelot. The remaining can be found from the beginning.

New Craft Essences

Players get three new craft essences with Camelot.

The first up is the Battle of Camlann. Three-star craft essence that increases noble phantasm of all allies by 10% when defeated

Covering Fire is a four-star craft essence. It applies damage +400 and increases crit strength by 20%. It’s a good strength buff

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Origin Bullet is a five-star essence. It gives a special attack buff against casters by 35-40%. It is excellent for riders. It is a highly impressive and worthwhile craft essence.

Except for the origin bullet, the other two craft essences can be pretty underwhelming for the game.

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Ascension Item Farming

In Camelot, there are a lot of free quests that can be farmed for essential material. This also offers better drop rates and farming locations. The new ascension items include magic lamps, night metals, chain of fours and scarab of wisdom.

Magic lamps and scarabs of wisdom are gold ascension material. Night metals are silver while chains of fours are bronze. Apart from these pretty of ascension materials can be farmed at Camelot including eternal tears, evil bones, and snake gems 

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These materials can be farmed at a plethora of locations including the hidden village, wilderness of death, dunes of daybreak, and desert sandstorm.  

New Enemies

You get four new types of enemies with Camelot along with the old returning enemies. These four new enemies include the Mindless People, Knight Enforcers, Sphinx, and Efreet.

Mindless People are assassin class enemies. They are similar to skeletons and are fodder enemies. However, they have a very high death rate and can be killed instantly and very weak enemies.

Knight Enforcers are knight-class enemies that come in lancer, archer, and saber forms. They are much upgraded versions of basic enemies. They are highly defensive and have crit damage buffs. Hence these are very strong enemies. They have a high HP yet are somewhat responsive to instant death

Sphinx is a caster enemy. It is a mini-boss enemy that appears as the final boss. It has a very high HP and is not susceptible to instant death. It can also seal your defense and noble phantasm However they are not very strong offensively.

Efreet is a caster and mini-boss type of enemy. This is a rare type of enemy. It can get difficult to deal with this type of enemy. 


Camelot can be very tricky to deal with. It seems as though it is made to fail you in the first go. However, once you get a hang of it, FGO Camelot gets easier. 

The key is to establish a good offensive and defensive team. However, it is one of the best gacha games with an excellent storyline and narration format. It can be an incredible game to play only if you have enough patience to learn.

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