Fate Grand Order: Onigashima Guide [2022]

Onigashima is the single highest value event in the entire game of Fate Grand Order. The event features a combination of Raid Quest and Damage Point ladders along with the normal free quests. The event is heavily time-gated and features some of the rarities.

The only prerequisite for joining the event has to be clearing Fuyuki. It is your gateway for participation in the event.

The event features the same basic cycles of the basic structure. Each cycle begins with main quests which will transition into raid battles, followed by decisive battles, and then finally the new main quest will unlock.

FGO Onigashima Guide

A walkthrough is necessary to understand the intricacies of the Onigashima event. Here is a guide to making the FGO Onigashima event easier to maneuver. 

FGO/FateGO】和鯖は今後男鯖も増えていってほしいね【Fate/GrandOrder】: Fate-Grand Order攻略速報 |  FGO攻略・まとめ

Featured Gacha Servants

Quickly completing the main quest can unlock the servants for you.

First up is the four-star servant, Sakata Kintoki Rider. He is a brand new welfare servant who happens to be a rider. He can be acquired by completing the main quest. He has a 9819 max ATK and 10800 max HP. He is only available during the Onigashima event.

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The next servant is the Ibaraki-Doji who is a four-star servant. She is only available in Gacha for the event. She happens to be a berserker with 9636 max ATK and 10954 max HP.  

The limited poster servant for the event is Minamoto Noraiko who is a five-star servant. She is limited and is only available during special summoning campaigns. She will also not be added to the general summoning pool at the end of the event. She is an outstanding berserker with 11556 max ATK and 13500 max HP. 

The two other fantastic three-star servants featured are Ushiwakamura and Kiyohime. They are both top-tier three-star servants. Another brand new three-star servant included is the Fuuma Kotarou. He is an assassin with 7091 max ATK and 8844 max HP. He also possesses a very strong crit generator.

Craft Essences

Now come the craft essences. The Onigashima event features five new craft essences. Out of these three will be available in the event gacha and two will be available in the event shop and from the damage point ladder.

Gacha Craft Essences

The event gacha craft essences are the Dumplings Over Flowers, Faithful Companions, and Hidden Sword: Pheasant Reversal.

The Hidden Sword: Pheasant Reversal is a three-star craft essence. It increases quick card performance by 3% and increases critical damage by 8%. It also increases coral drops by 1. It is overall a pretty decent craft essence.

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The Faithful Companions is a four-star craft essence. It increases arts card performance by 8% and increases noble phantasm by 15%. It increases textile drops by 1. It is an excellent craft essence for art servants.

Finally comes the five-star craft essence Dumplings Over Flowers which increases quick card effectiveness by 15% and increases noble phantasm damage by 15%. It also increases the demon emblem box drops by 1. It can be very strong on single target quick servants especially Okita and Mushi.

Event Shop Craft Essences

The first one among these is the five-star Golden Sumo. It increases attack by 10% and increases noble phantasm gauge by 30% at the start of the battle. It also increases your strength and attack power by 100%. This is a top-tier event craft essence. It is the single best craft essence from any event as it works on all servants.

The other one is the Lunar Hot Spring. It increases critical damage by 30% and increases 3 critical stars for each turn. It also increases the attack power of all allies by 50%. It is great for making critical servants self-sufficient. Over it is an amazing craft essence.

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Event Currency

Like most other events, here also you will find a currency that you can farm and later trade at the shop.

These include Dragon Palace Coral, Roll of Brocade, and Oni’s Wicker Basket. 

Among these Corals are the easiest thing to farm and can be traded in for a copy of the Kintoki Rider servant, a copy of the Golden Sumo craft essence as well as three-star and four-star experiences. 

The Rolls of Brocade are textiles that can be traded for another copy of Kintoki Rider, another copy of the Golden Sumo craft essence, red bloodstone tears as well as lancer, ride, assassin, and berserker pieces.

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The boxes are the gold item that can be traded for two copies of Kintoki rider, two copies of event craft essence as well as reverse dragon scales, chaos talons as well as lancer, rider, assassin, and berserker monuments and five hundred mana prisms.

Overall to clear the shop one would require about 6500 Dragon Palace Corals, 7300 Roll of Brocade, and 9200 Oni’s Wicker Basket.

Raid Structure

It is supposed to be a raid-based event. It is not timer-based but rather a sequence-based event. It gets harder as it progresses.

There will be four raid bosses instead of one. These will be the Kazakoshimaru, Wazakuimaru, Todoroki Kamaru, and Ushi Gozen. Each battle is limited to 5 turns. The first three raid bosses are color-coded and resistant to the card coinciding with their colors. 

A trick to bypass these is to use a primary attacker that bypasses their resistance. Followed by using a different beam to amp up the damage caused to them. As the health of these raid bosses deplete and they succumb to defeat it tends to unlock more story missions. It goes forward sequentially. 

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The reward for completing the final stage is a free welfare servant, Kintoki Rider, and 10x Saint Quartz.

After defeating the final raid boss one can go back and complete the raid quest they might have missed. It helps earn more damage points. The progress in the main quest remains locked till the current raid boss is defeated.

Damage Point Ladder

There is a damage point ladder in FGO Onigashima. The more damage points one manages to collect, the more rewards one manages to unlock. The rewards max out about 200 million which is a comparatively easier target to achieve.


The key to making the most out of this event is to farm so you have all the craft essences and complete all the quests so you have as many damage points as possible.

Your success in FGO Onigashima lies in to keep progressing, keep raiding and keep collecting damage points. As long as you keep progressing and do not retreat, everything is under control.

I hope this guide will help you make the best out of the FGO Onigashima event and you will thoroughly enjoy this experience.

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