My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero: Get Free Hero Coins [2022]

My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero is a game based on one of the most popular anime, My Hero Academia. This game is a rollercoaster ride packed with thriller and adventure where heroes fight villains on every other street to ensure the safety and security of Honei city and its inhabitants. 

With plenty of heroes and another bunch of under training heroes who have to ensure Honei city is safe from the menacing attack of villains and evildoers, My Hero Academia is a thrilling game. The game is all about creating your own squad of heroes and strategically taking them to the top tier Hero Rankings by adequately training, upgrading and equipping them.

What makes MHA The Strongest Hero so exciting?

The ability to play in visuals and events from the Anime with the same voice over can be pretty thrilling for diehard My Hero Academia fans. In fact, this is the single most attractive element of the game. Not just that, the game itself offers an unmatched experience for the players. It truly allows you to be the hero of Honei city by all-encompassing control of the heroes. 

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Apart from that, hopping on missions and kicking the villains together with your hero squad to maintain peace and serenity in the city is truly an empowering experience. Not just that, the graphics are also extremely eye-pleasing.  

What are Hero Coins?

My Hero Academia players are well aware of how critically important hero coins happen to be. This is why running out hero coins tends to be very irksome for players. 

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The hero coins allow you to buy stamina for your heroes in case you are running low on it. The hero coins also allow you to buy summon tickets which are the ultimate gateway for purchasing shards and characters in the game. 

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Apart from that, buying anything in the Honei city requires hero coins. Hence, it is important to have an adequate supply of hero coins at all times.

How to Get Free Hero Coins?

Now, who wouldn’t become the strongest hero at a quick pace? Every player would ultimately desire to become the strongest hero and for that you need free hero coins. 

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Now if you are fretting over how to make free hero points, read along to discover. There are plenty of ways to make hero coins, some of which are mentioned as follows.

  • Login Rewards and Daily Sign-in

There is a gift icon on the top-right corner of the screen, clicking on it will open up login rewards and daily sign-in menu. 

MHA is a game that rewards players for merely logging in everyday and on some days the reward comprises hero coins. The key to making free hero coins is to make sure that you login every single day.

  • Daily and Weekly Targets

Click on the doc icon on the top right corner of the screen, this will open up the daily and weekly targets. The daily targets are represented by suitcases at the bottom of the screen, completing all daily targets and reaching 50 suitcases allows you to earn up to 50 hero coins a day.

Similarly, completing weekly quests also rewards hero coins.

  • Attendance Rewards

In the gifting menu, a tad bit lower than the aforementioned items is a temporary tab called the attendance rewards. As an ode to their players and a welcoming gesture on the release of this new game, players who login for 7 consecutive days are rewarded with plenty of items including tickets and hero coins.

  • Level Target

Right below the daily and weekly targets are the level targets, depending on your hero performances achieving level targets also tends to get you free hero coins.

  • Training Reward

Click open the hero menu; click on the hero and from the tab on the left select training. Training heroes also gets you free hero coins.

  • Sponsorship

Spending a few bucks to raise your level also gets you hero coins and this is truly value for money if you’re looking to enhance your gaming experience. 


Acquiring hero coins enhances the gaming experience by allowing you instantly boost stamina and acquire heroes of your liking. It is bound to make you instantly fall in love with the overall game. 

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