One Piece Bounty Rush: Best Characters [2022]

One Piece Bounty Rush comes with Action and Fighting game elements, offering you stunning gameplay with a Multiplayer option. Released in 2018, the game aims to reveal the best Real-time team-based gameplay; therefore, it features a Battle Mode where two teams of four players compete against each other for treasures. The team with the best treasures at the end will be declared as the winner. Furthermore, every battle takes place within a new location borrowed from the One Piece Universe. 

Apart from the gameplay, dozens of playable characters are there; each one possesses unique abilities, fighting styles, and combos. Having superb fighting skills is useless in One Piece Bounty Rush until you don’t have information regarding the deadliest attack of your favorite characters. Besides, the gameplay is pretty cool, pitting two teams of four players against each other in real-time. When fighting, each team has an opportunity to place their flags on the treasure they found to claim it. Here is a list of Best One Piece Bounty Rush Best Characters: 

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Here are some of the best Characters in OP Bounty Rush

More than 20 characters are ready to fight alongside you. Each character comes with special abilities that you must master to take on enemies. The game takes place in a 3D setting and your ultimate goal is to collect max treasures to win. The available characters are the following: 

  • Monkey D. Luffy 
  • Gecko Moria
  • Mihawk
  • Crocodile 
  • Sakazuki
  • Arlong
  • Shanks
  • Eustass Kid
  • Roronoa Zoro
  • Trafalgar Law
  • Bellamy
  • Sabo
  • Enel Amaru
  • Enel 

As the game starts, you will be asked to build a team of four players; each one of a different race and class. Next to that, a team you create will throw against another team controlled by a real player. Hone your fighting skills and start fighting to take on opposing characters. Learn all deadly moves and master all fighting styles if you wish to raise the flag of your victory. 

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Strong Characters in One Piece Bounty Rush to Select

We have already mentioned a list of Strongest Characters above; now, it’s time to grab brief information about each one. Although without knowing the strength and weakness of characters choosing a character would not go in your favor, you can’t come to know those factors without selecting and playing with characters; therefore, we have planned a Guide of One Piece Bounty Rush – Best Characters. 

1. Monkey D. Luffy

You may go in shock after knowing that Luffy possesses the two most powerful skills, such as Red Hawk and Elephant Gatling. Luffy is one of my most favorite characters in the One Piece Bounty Rush video game. During the game, Red Hawk can be used to burn enemies after having high damage; meanwhile, you can go with elephant Gatling for area damage that leaves Luffy invincible for a while. Upon knocking out enemies, the said character receives a skill cooldown. 

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2. Gecko Moria

Before choosing Gecko Moria, you have to know the skill that makes him the perfect option for almost everyone. The character can easily deal with massive damage and knockout opposing characters within a few attacks. Furthermore, up to 15% health of the character restores automatically as the match ends. 

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3. Mihawk

Mihawk lands on a battlefield with two main skills, such as Range Slash and Massive Damage. Seriously, there is almost no one who has the guts to stand against Mihawk; therefore, most people would go with him. Furthermore, the offensive versatility of the character makes him a pain to deal with damage; so most people don’t like it. In enemy treasure, he does 30% more damage than average and boosts its crit by 300%. 

4. Crocodile 

Crocodile is ready to be a part of your team with solid traits, along with 15% Health recovery after knocking out enemies; meanwhile, he has a chance to reduce dealt to hit after each attack. During the gameplay, the character can perform a scam skill that is very long-range sand slash and may increase the crit chance. The second skill allows him to summon a massive storm that does damage and solid opposing characters. 

5. Sakazuki Akainu

One of the best characters in the list of One Piece Bounty Rush Heroes that starts fighting against enemies with full potential. Both powerful skills get activated after finding the health reduces to zero. Using the second may help you do huge damage and make your grip stronger over the combat than ever. If players call him an offensive monster won’t be wrong; therefore, you should keep the character in mind whenever starting to build a team. 

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6. Arlong

Here another monster character full of potential and power. The character’s first skill is a high crit rating that grants you the power to do high damage when connecting them in a pair with the next skill. The damage increases to 30% extra when they perform within an enemy treasure. Besides, the game offers the character up to a 30% boost on crit as the character kills an opposing character. 

7. Shanks

Having a defender in your team is compulsory that may prove himself a shield whenever the enemy attacks. Therefore, the game has featured four different character types, including Defender. It is a four-star character that is easy to deal with and comes with two possible skills that are the following: 

  • Pretty High Power 
  • Knockback Effects 

In treasure, the character takes almost 30% less damage, and the boost increases to 50%. Both the skills’ combos and traits are designed due to lack of power; therefore, the game is at 7th number. 

8. Eustass Kid

After Sazakuzi, Kid is one of my favorite characters who assures 100% confirmed victory. He has two unique powers that grant him the guts to perform significant attacks to take on enemies. Apart from that, the speed boost never let anyone catch him. However, using both skills may end the boost and leave nothing in your hand. Eustass Kid is a master in defending his team from attacks and receives almost 30% less damage. Sometimes, Kid comes with some basic fighting moves that make him last in this list. 

9. Eneru

Eneru joins the battle in his “Amaru” form!The skill “Mamaragan” launches a wide-range attack and creates a Trait Area!When inside this area, Eneru becomes stronger, giving him an edge in the fight!Shock and defeat your enemies using his other skill, “One Hundred Million Volt Varie”!

10. Sabo

Sabo Revolutionary Army/Chief of StaffElement: BlueClass: Defender” Straw Hat Luffy is my little brother!”He has the ability to endure powerful attacks!The skill Dragon’s Talon is an attack that lets you rush forward and will reduce the enemies’ defense!

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