One Piece Treasure Cruise: Beginner Guide [2022]

One Piece Treasure Cruise set sails in the universe of the very famous shonen anime One Piece series. It is full of adventure RPG game in which you can travel across seas and fight against tough strategic enemies 

In the beginning, you play with the character Monkey D. Luffy and sail across the seas to become the king of the pirates. The game is all about recruiting other characters and pirates from the list of thousands from the anime, assembling a strong crew to face tough enemies as you make progress in the story.

The difficulty increases gradually as you progress in the game so you will need to upgrade your heroes, make powerful combinations of characters and loot resources to stay alive in the outrageous world of One Piece.

Characters and Classes of One Piece Treasure Cruise

There are hundreds of different characters in One Piece Treasure Cruise. All the characters have their unique powers and abilities and are classified into five major classes, 

  • STR
  • DEX
  • QCK
  • PSY
  • INT

STR type of characters is considered as the strongest characters as compared to other types. These types have a comparison as well. Let’s evaluate them with the help of the following type of matchup schema.

It shows that STR-type characters are stronger than DEX characters and DEX characters are stronger against QCK. Also, it indicates that QCK type characters are stronger than STR. Sounds confusing, but that’s true!

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The comparison of PSY and INT are a different race from STR, DEX, and QCK as both are weak and strong against each other depending on the situation in the game. In short, have no special effect on each other. 

The characters in One Piece Treasure Cruise are also categorized into the following types, 

  • Fighter
  • Slasher
  • Shooter
  • Striker
  • Booster
  • Evolver
  • Free Spirit
  • Cerebral
  • Powerhouse
  • Driven

Use of Different Characters and their Combinations

As explained above, you start the game with Monkey D. Luffy Gum-Gum Pistol. It is a random Rare Recruit unit that is pleasant to play with, in the start, along with other common units.

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To beat a level in One Piece Treasure Cruise, the stats, levels, and combinations of your heroes are the biggest factor that increases your chance. Different combinations of characters can really help sometimes to beat a level as they come up with different capabilities and suitable for most of the levels. The changes are essential to get you through a level in One Piece Treasure Cruise.

The chances of beating an enemy team sometimes depend on the team combinations and the placement of heroes that you’re using. So, it is necessary to try out different setups when you are stuck at a tough level. Leveling up and upgrading your characters is a crucial thing as some characters can be very powerful against certain enemies so make sure to try some of those in your setup.

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How to get Characters in One Piece Treasure Cruise

The major part of the game One Piece Treasure Cruise is to collect new and useful characters. It is simply that when you have more characters, it will automatically make you stronger so that you can try out different team combinations to stand out against enemies.

One of the main ways to get characters in One Piece Treasure Cruise is that you can recruit them in the Tavern. You need either Gems or Friend Points to recruit characters in the Tavern. 

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You will get some new characters by completing content in the game that includes doing wanted posters, requests, and much more.

Leveling Up your Characters

To make your characters stronger, you need to level them up. 

For leveling up, go to Crew > Power up > choose the specific character you want to level. You can also feed other characters to your selected character to level him up. You get a 50% XP bonus if you choose characters that have the same color or type. It is worth noting to not feed evolver-type characters or boss/rare characters to your crew as they are hard to get in the game.

You just need to feed them turtles, pigs, and general fodder pirates that you can get from the sea. 

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Also, it is hard to get beli in exchange for pirates so it is better to feed them to your crew.

Clearing Content and Farming Guide

The content of One Piece Treasure Cruise is roughly divided into story islands. These are the ones you sail between on the main map. Some extra content is also available on the Extra Isle. It is considered that the Extra Isle stuff is usually more difficult, it often gives you the choice to choose a difficulty level though it usually scales in difficulty. The beginning of the game and early story islands is very easy so that you can become familiar with the game. Around Arlong Park, you may run into your first enemy.

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In One Piece Treasure Cruise, repeatedly completing a battle hoping for the character poster to drop commonly referred to as farming. With estimates of 1%-10% for usable characters (odds for evolvers are a bit better), the odds of a poster drop are for the most part unknown and seem to vary from battle to battle. It is recommended that in the start, you should only farm story mode characters during 2x Drop Rate days for that island, or 0.5x stamina times.

DOs and DON’Ts for Beginners in One Piece Treasure Cruise


  • Choose a favorite character on which you can work and it works for you as well. This practice makes sure you don’t sell them or power them up by accident. 
  • It is necessary to understand Guerrilla Turtles Times and try to catch them as much as possible on Daily: Monday and Friday quests as they can be sold for huge rewards.  
  • From Dinghy to Merry Go, it is good to switch your ships on all 8 crews and use your cola to max it ASAP. 
  • Efficient use of stamping to increase real-lifetime permitting is crucial. Try to farm some evolvers, if you don’t have time to do big battles.
  • For easy account recovery, connect your game account to Facebook/Twitter. For that, go to Others > Change Device > Change Device with SNS >Back-Up Date with SNS and follow the instructions as mentioned on the page. 
  • The understanding of color dependencies STR DEX QCK INT PSY is important and that different missions and events may require different teams to beat them effectively. The Extra Island missions have guides also, you can check them out if you are stuck at a certain level.
  • Practice is an important part of the game so practice as much to improve your PERFECT hit ratio in the game. It can take some time but eventually, you will get to the point that most of your hits are PERFECTs.


  • It is not a good practice to sell starting characters or gacha exclusive characters in One Piece Treasure Cruise. As mentioned, in the start, you will get Luffy, Coby, Zoro, Usopp, Sanji, Nami, and chopper by playing the storyline and they can be really helpful as you progress in the story. 
  • Do not do a rare recruit anytime other than Sugofest.
  • It is not efficient to use an above-average character or a rare evolver for powering up.
  • Never use Rare Recruit except during Sugo Fest days
  • It is not wise to use Treasure Turtles for powering up the characters.
  • It is a common mistake that most beginners make. They overspend EXP trying to level up a character. You need to be sure how much EXP a character needs to level up.
  • Focus on the levels and characters and don’t focus on the Story Mode too much.


So, this is a quick guide for beginners in One Piece Treasure Cruise that can take you through the game smoother and allows you to better understand the game. Hopefully, you are now ready to take on the world of pirates.


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