One Piece Treasure Cruise: Redeem Codes [2022]

One Piece Treasure Cruise is popular for introducing a mix of Auto-battler, Role-playing, and Turn-based combat game elements, released by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It supports both Single-player and Multiplayer mode, and is available to play on Android and iOS. The addition of light RPG game elements may allow you to organize a crew containing six characters. Each character comes with unique abilities that grow as the player progresses through the game. Your speed of tapping the screen will determine your victory in the battle. There are more than 1,000 playable characters and the game grants you the ability to summon and gather heroes. 

Moreover, before starting the game, your goal is to create a team of pirates by selecting characters borrowed from One Piece Anime. Recruit heroes and villains from the island, season, and more. The game will take you through the One Piece storyline from beginning to the end, wherein you join Luffy on his epic quest to become the world’s best Pirate King. Relive the storyline while teaming up with your favorite anime stars. Battle against enemies and earn in-game money while traveling through Thriller Bark. The intuitive tap battle system offers you non-stop pirate action. 

What you need to know for One Piece Treasure Cruise Codes

Gacha games are well-known for introducing codes that bring lots of cool gadgets and playable heroes to your inventory for free. Usually, Codes are released on special occasions along with special items. Redeeming codes will add prospective items to your bag and let you use them whenever you need them. Sometimes, introduced items are temporary and sometimes they are permanent. You just need to keep your focus on using the simple tap controls to pull off powerful combos. You can only form combos and deal with massive flying in no time by merely tapping your character at the right time. 

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How to Get Gift Codes for Free? 

Usually, the game uses your email address to send you free codes; therefore, keep checking your emails to get updated codes that you can use to earn rewards for free. Furthermore, joining the social channels of the One Piece Treasure Cruise is also mandatory. Because many times developers leave any update regarding the gift codes there and if you have already followed them, an update will be released to you. Clicking on the notification may lead you to the main page where you can grab gift codes written in numbers. Therefore, ensure you have subscribed to their social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and more. 

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How to Redeem Gift Codes in One Piece Treasure Cruise?

To claim your rewards, firstly you must head to the redeem page where the game demands you to enter the following codes you have one by one and collect your rewards. You should keep in mind that codes that are released by the official channel will work, don’t waste your time collecting fake codes from all over the website. Furthermore, many times the game leaves a gems gift code that upon redeeming will leave you a lot of gems. Keep unlocking powerful characters using the gems and use them against your competitors to show them who the most powerful is. 

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Should You Use One Piece Treasure Cruise Gift Code Hacks? 

As I suggested to you above that grabbing codes from different third-party websites won’t work as they aren’t authorized to release One Piece Treasure Cruise Redeem Codes. The only possible way is to follow the developers and their game channels to keep yourself updated with every newly released code. Keep in mind that every code is released for a specific period and with limited rewards. Once the date ends, you will no longer redeem your rewards. Therefore, you should act if you are eager to grab some freebies. 

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Besides that, we won’t recommend you to use the One Piece Treasure Cruise Hack or code-generator tools. Sometimes, they may cause the suspension of your account. So, you should avoid using any hacking tool that aims to steal your credentials. Never share your username and password out of your game if you want to keep yourself in a secured place. Many times, hackers build a tool and name them One Piece Treasure Cruise Gift Codes Generator Tool, ask you to download and enter your name, along with other information to claim free codes that can be redeemed for free items, but in actuality, they are useless and won’t leave you anything expect regret of using it. 

Here are a Few Redeem Codes 

We have featured a list of codes that may help you collect an item for free. All codes are for a limited time and may be ended within the next two days. Therefore, without wasting a single minute redeem your codes to earn freebies and add them to your inventory. Furthermore, we will keep our list updated with new upcoming codes, so you will never miss a chance to grab an item. Each code is designed for a specific purpose that may leave you a character, gems, or other items. 

  • 0815056956
  • 1850314893
  • luffy21840
  • sabo637473
  • robin04905
  • 085936774
  • 130838091
  • 431876894
  • 537374343
  • 977039604
  • 040233592
  • 635560053
  • 473431698
  • 833239891
  • 055665703
  • 652293436
  • 532578345
  • 235164723
  • 692943312
  • 634903966
  • 231938142
  • 807913398
  • 541339457
  • 269456376
  • 733571497


One Piece Treasure Cruise is one of the best Gacha games that come with almost two thousand fabulous playable characters. After having a huge variety of characters, making a crew shouldn’t be a difficult job for you. Each character has unique abilities and special powers that you must learn before jumping into battle matches. The game supports the MMO genre which means players from across the world can join each other, build crews together, and take on enemies to earn in-game currency, which is a gem. 

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When playing the game, you have to collect wanted posters in a fight and command the Tavern to recruit new avatars for your team. Dozens of recruits available, including both supporting and major characters. Select your favorite avatars and train them to become the best pirate king ever to sail on the sea. Furthermore, keep your eyes on official channels so you can get redeem codes timely. 

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