League of Legends Wild Rift: Champion Tier List [2023]

As Wild Rift gaming sessions are heavily reliant on the champions chosen by players, it is critical to understand which is the best option that the game provides in this regard.

The tier list given below takes into account all roles that the champions can perform and thus it can be used for general settings of the game. So, let’s get into the details.

All About The Champion Tier List

A Champion Tier List is an effective and quick way to address the needs of the game and thereby generate results that speak for themselves.

The game’s champions are generally arranged in a hierarchical order. According to this, the best players take the top tiers, while the overall performance of players begins to decline as we approach the bottom of the list.

The need for the tier list is paramount mainly because it provides information to players about which are the best champions. As a result, it becomes easier for gamers to choose the right option for the right role.

How Many Tiers Are There?

There is no hard and fast rule about the tier list and you can have one of your own if you understand the dynamics of the game.

But easier said than done because for knowing the game inside out, just like any other expert, you will need to spend multiple hours in the gameplay to know the fortes and weaknesses of all champions.

According to our Wild Rift tier list, the champions are divided into the following seven tiers:

  • S+;
  • S;
  • A+;
  • A;
  • B;
  • C;
  • D.

Why Do We Need So Many Tiers?

If you’re wondering why there are so many tiers for the game’s champions, the answer is simple: for the most accurate classification of champions, they are sub-categorized into tiers while taking their characteristics into account.

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Champion Tier List

So, here is how the champion tier list of the League of Legends: Wild Rift goes.

S+ Tier

As evident even from the name of this tier, it is the topmost level and thus consists of the best champions available in the game.

Choosing these champions means that you have an extremely high chance of winning your games due to their exceptional abilities.

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The champions included in this list are:

  • Fiora;
  • Lee Sin;
  • Varus;
  • Kha’Zix;
  • Nami;
  • Lulu;
  • Zed;
  • Diana;
  • Jayce;
  • Camille;
  • Rakan;
  • Thresh;
  • Kai’Sa.

Opponents find it really hard to counter the attacks and moves of the S+ tier champions. This is why they are highly revered among the fan base of Wild Rift.

Who Are They Effective Against?

Sitting at the top of the list, champions of the S+ tier are effective in all situations and against all other champions.

They can not only overcome challenging situations when put against other S+ tier champions but can also deliver great results against all other champions of the below-mentioned tiers.

S Tier

The second tier in the game is known as S and the champions included in this tier are extremely good at performing the assigned tasks.

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Their effectiveness might be eclipsed by the S+ tier champions but other than that, there’s absolutely nothing stopping them from turning even the most challenging situations in your favor.

The champions included in the Wild Rift S tier include:

  • Nunu & Willump;
  • Ezreal;
  • Olaf;
  • Evelynn;
  • Braum;
  • Irelia;
  • Twisted Fate;
  • Corki;
  • Xayah;
  • Janna;
  • Riven;
  • Ziggs;
  • Veigar;
  • Morgana;
  • Darius;
  • Caitlyn;
  • Galio;
  • Yasuo;
  • Irelia;
  • Renekton;
  • Dr. Mundo;
  • Jayce;
  • Ahri;
  • Leona;
  • Orianna;
  • Lucian;
  • Sett.

This is the most populated tier of the game which means that you have a wide array of options to choose from.

If you don’t like one champion, it’s no big deal, you can always go for an alternative and use it to get fantastic results.

Who Are They Effective Against?

Well, if you are looking for a short and simple answer, the S tier champions are effective against all champions other than the S+ tier ones.

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Although when put against the S+ champions as well, they perform adequately well but obviously they can’t match their might and eventually end up being killed but even before doing so, they deal significant damage to even the S+ tier champions.

A suggestion in this regard is that if you have to place an S tier champion against a champion belonging to the S+ tier, always provide a backup to your champion by another one even if he belongs to the A, B or C tiers.

This works fantastically because, in such a situation, the S+ tier champion becomes distracted and begins attacking your relatively low valued champion, allowing you to hit him with your S tier character.

A+ Tier

The next tier is the A+ tier. These champions are good at performing the right task at the right time. However, they are not as dependable as the champions of S+ and S tiers.

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The champions included in the Wild Rift A+ tier include:

  • Vayne;
  • Rengar;
  • Akali;
  • Katarina;
  • Malphite;
  • Garen;
  • Draven;
  • Vi;
  • Jarvan IV;
  • Riven;
  • Senna;
  • Akshan;
  • Corki;
  • Wukong;
  • Graves;
  • Pantheon;
  • Alistar;
  • Jax;
  • Xin Zhao;
  • Fizz;
  • Veigar.

After the S tier, the A+ tier is the second most populous tier which reflects that most players of the League of Legends Wild Rift are great at what they do.

This also provides players with diversity and thus they are not bound by the game to choose only the fixed champions every time. 

Who Are They Effective Against?

Champions in the A+ tier can deal significant damage to opponents in their tier or the ones below them.

However, for the ones that belong to the upper tiers, it becomes a bit challenging for such champions.

A Tier

Following the A+ tier is the A tier which comprises the champions that are moderately good at the assigned tasks. 

While there are a large number of champions in Wild Rift that are better than the A tier champions, there are many others under them as well.

The below-par impact of these champions refrains them from joining the above-mentioned tiers.

However, they have the capability of providing good support to the advanced tier champions and for keeping the enemies distracted. 

  • Seraphine;
  • Hinx;
  • Tristana;
  • Sona;
  • Kennen;
  • Lux;
  • Renekton;
  • Tryndamere;
  • Aurelion Sol;
  • Miss Fortune;
  • Ashe;
  • Jhin;
  • Kayle;
  • Brand;
  • Amumu.
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Who Are They Effective Against?

With their not-so-special attributes, these champions have a very low chance of standing against any champion that belongs to the S+, S, or A+ tiers.

However, as already mentioned above, they can be used as a distraction for targeting the top tier champions.

In this way, the bait set by the A tier or even by the B, C or D tier champions can be an effective way of causing damage to the best players of the game.

B Tier

The B tier consists of champions who are average at everything, which means they are neither good nor bad at anything and are frequently added to the player’s list to fill it.

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  • Rammus;
  • Soraka;
  • Singed;
  • Master Yi;
  • Shyvana;
  • Annie;
  • Blitzcrank.

Who Are They Effective Against?

These champions’ attack and defense mechanisms are nowhere near those of the upper-tier champions, but when compared to the lower-tier characters, they perform admirably.

So, their best use is against the C or D tier characters against whom they can perform considerably well.

However, when put against the champions of the S+, S, A+ or A tiers, they stand no chance of delivering any significant results.

C Tier

Sitting almost at the end is the C tier which consists of only a single champion mainly because the other game characters normally perform their duties really well.  Nasus is the only champion belonging to this tier.

Although this C tier champion is pretty bad at performing the tasks assigned to him, he is still better than the champions that belong to the D tier.

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So this brings us to the question that if the champion of the C tier is so bad, why would anyone choose him? 

Who Are They Effective Against?

The C tier champions are not going to get you anywhere in terms of game progress. This is why no one uses them. 

D Tier

The last tier on our list is the D tier which means that this is the absolute rock bottom.

With just one champion in this list, it’s easy to decide which champion players must never choose while enjoying their League of Legends Wild Rift games. 

Here is the D tier list:

  • Teemo.

Any champion present in the D tier is the worst not only in terms of attack but also for defense purposes.

Teemo, the Swift Scout

Who Are They Effective Against?

The D tier champions have almost no chance of standing against the opposition and one forceful attack is all it takes to wipe them away from the gameplay.

Final Verdict

The tier list keeps getting updated from time to time and with the launch of every patch, the need for a new one arises.

The tier list mentioned above has been meticulously prepared by considering the strengths and weaknesses of champions. 

This is why players who follow this tier list have a much higher chance of being successful than those who don’t give it due consideration. 

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