League of Legends Wild Rift: Mid Lane Tier List [2022]

Wild Rift is the mobile version of the world-acclaimed MOBA title League of Legends and offers mobile phone gamers a great platform to enjoy the game on the move.

However, according to the dynamics of the gameplay, every action needs to be precisely carried out to get the best possible results.

This is why choosing the right champions for the right lane is vital if you are looking to dash through the gameplay and want a clear victory over your rivals.

Using The Right Champion At The Right Time

Pro-level gamers emphasize the fact that each champion in the game has a specific purpose and thus it is really important to use it for that purpose. Otherwise, the results will be anything but ordinary.

Mid Lane In Wild Rift

One of the different lanes present in League of Legends: Wild Rift is the Mid lane and this article delves into the tier list of champions that are best suited for this lane.

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It is pertinent to mention here that like all many other tier lists, this one is also subdivided into six different tiers which are the S+, S, A+, A, B and C.

So, let’s dive into the details to know more about the mid lane and its champions so you can make the right decision, the next time you play the game.

Dynamics Of The Mid Lane

The middle lane is the shortest route of reaching the opponents, this is why it is the most sought after.

The mid lane champions reach their level 5 in the least amount of time. This means that players who play in the Mid lane get their champions promoted to higher ranks before others and thus get an early advantage.

Due to this, they can easily gain control over the opponents by killing their champions early on in the session. 

What Is Required To Be A Great Mid Laner? 

The dynamics of the gameplay are such that to perform well, any champion taking part in the mid lane must have the following set of attributes:

  • Long-Range Impact;
  • High Burst Damage.

Both of the above-mentioned attributes provide these champions with the ability to quickly get rid of their opponents and that too from quite a long distance.

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In addition to this, the level 3 and 5 power spikes of the Mid lane champions are very forceful which enables these champions to strike vigorously thereby eliminating the enemy units in lesser time. 

These champions start gaining momentum from level 5 onwards and continue to have their domination until the end of the game.

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A major benefit of the mid lane champions is that they have the capability of providing support to champions in other lanes as well. For example, if their help is required in the Jungle, they can be of quick assistance.

Mid Lane Champions Normally Belong To Which Class?

Mostly the champions that perform great in the middle lane belong to the Assassins or Mage classes. 

Although it is not a must and there is no hard & fast rule that they can’t be of any other class but this is how the general trend is.

Mid Lane Tier List

The Mid Lane tier list has been crafted while keeping in view all the above-mentioned aspects. 

S+ Tier

This is the highest tier in the game and consists of the best champions that have complete command of their assigned tasks.

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They can be put to use in any situation under any circumstance and they show their dominance.

What sets them apart from others is that they are not bound to perform in a single situation, whenever put to the test, they deliver results.  

The champions belonging to the S+ tier are as follows:

  • Orianna
  • Zed;
  • Diana ;
  • Jayce;
  • Ziggs.

This tier comprises only 5 champions mainly because not many champions qualify to be a part of this prestigious tier.

The benefit of this is that players aren’t much confused about their choice regarding the S+ tier champions. So, if they find an option that performs particularly well, they can stick to it in the future as well.

Orianna Is Particularly Impressive 

It is worth mentioning here that Orianna, which is located at the top of the Mid Lane tier list, has the longest range in the game. 

In addition to this, her laning phase is extremely easy to execute which makes her one of the best choices for the middle lane.

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The key to having great gameplay with Orianna is to keep her alive until the mid or later part of the session, in which case, she becomes unrelenting.


The next to follow is the S tier which consists of players that are otherwise great at performing their jobs but don’t have the competence level to make them eligible to be a part of the S+ tier.

  • Irelia; 
  • Twisted Fate; 
  • Ahri; 
  • Corki;
  • Akshan;
  • Lucian;
  • Veigar;
  • Yasuo.

With a wide option of 8 different champions to choose from, players are not bound to go with a singular option when it comes to getting great results in the mid lane.

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Who Are They Effective Against?

The S tier mid lane champions are effective for opponents that belong to the S tier or the ones under it.

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While they can cause significant damage to the S+ tier champions as well, they won’t be able to kill them completely.

A+ Tier

The champions of this tier are truly impactful when placed at the right spot at the right time. This means that when put to the test, they have the capability of changing the overall situation.

  • Akali;
  • Katarina;
  • Riven;
  • Morgana;
  • Galio;
  • Brand.

With 6 different options to choose from, you can choose a newer one each time until you find which one works best for you and then stick to your choice for good.

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Such champions might not be as instrumental as those of the S+ and S tiers but still, they are prodigious and perform significantly better than the ones belonging to the below tiers.

Who Are They Effective Against?

The A+ tier champions are effective for the jungle monsters and in addition to this they can also be used for getting rid of the A, B and C tier mid lane champions. 


As we move down the tier list, the overall performance decreases. This means that the A tier champions have little impact and are thus not the preferred choice for most gamers. Here are the different champions belonging to this tier:

  • Annie;
  • Renekton;
  • Kayle;
  • Gragas;
  • Aurelion Sol.

While the A tier champions are not good enough to win the title on their own, they can be of great support for higher tier champions. 

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They can provide cover to the S+, S or A+ tier champions by taking the enemy attacks while the advanced-tier players annihilate the enemy defenses and kill adversary units. 

Who Are They Effective Against?

Only using these champions against the B and C tier champions is fruitful as any champion above these tiers will easily blow the A tier champions out of the water in no time.


The B tier consists of just two champions which explains that the game, in general, has champions that perform their tasks well. The B tier champions are as follows:

  • Seraphine;
  • Lux.

Gamers don’t have a lot of options when it comes to champions in this tier and are thus bound to go for either the Seraphine or Lux, both of which don’t have a long-range impact or burst damage.

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These champions are pretty average in terms of their benefits and this is why gamers have no special motivation behind choosing them.

Who Are They Effective Against?

As the B tier is nearly at the end and has only two champions, the players don’t have much of an option as to whom they can attack with them.

These champions are added to the lineup just to fill it as almost all gamers are aware that the B tier champions won’t be able to take them very far. 


The C tier sits at the very bottom and thus it has the champion that performs the worst when it comes to mid lane performance. Here is the champion belonging to this tier:

  • Fizz.

Who Is This Tier Effective Against?

Well, in the true spirit of it, the C tier champions are pretty useless in terms of attacking the opponents and causing any significant damage.

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Players hate the C tier and thus don’t like to go for the champion that belongs to it, however, there is one situation in which their use is rewarding.  

The C tier champions are valuable for providing a distraction to the advanced level enemies so meanwhile, you can send in your heavy hitters to take away the title from the opponents.

Final Verdict

This mid lane tier list is great if you are looking for an effective way to get rid of the enemies or to assist your champions in the jungle as well. Players who follow this tier list are likely to yield high-level benefits. 

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