Pokemon Unite: All Battle Types [2022]

Pokemon Unite is a 2021 game that is introduced to fulfill the needs of both moba and pokemon classic lovers. The upcoming game will be based entirely upon the pokemon series and enable multiple players to interact and take part in tournaments online. 

 Starting in a battle arena where two teams struggle to score a goal, the map is also divided into two types having separate control points. The players can choose their team members or play online with others. Different pokemon players come with different powers and specialties just like the series. Pokemon use their powers to defeat their rivals. Once a team has defeated all the rival pokemon, they rush to score a goal near the control point. 

Can You Increase The Power Of Your Pokemon In Pokemon Unite? 

Pokemon Unite doesn’t finish after one or two goals. As soon as the match begins, a timer starts, and the team that has scored more goals wins. The result relies mostly upon the powers of Pokemon species and how you chose to use them during the combats. At the start, all Pokemon come with low power unevolved species, but powering in the game depends upon the number of wins. So, the more these Pokemon win, the greater will be their power. The Pokemon also possesses unique combat moves for defeating their rivals during the game. 

Unlike what most people think, type effectiveness is only limited to the previous games of similar series. Instead, the developers have introduced the “Unite Move.” Every Pokemon can only use 4 moves, but the final move, i.e., Unite Move, will have the greatest impact. Try to defeat wild Pokemon, your opponents, and collect berries to upgrade your level. 

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All Battle Types

The Pokemon Unite does not have any types and specific attacks of pokemon. The players need not remember any strengths or weaknesses like the previous versions.  The specific moves make these Pokemon unique. Every player gets 1 move at the start and after passing levels, they can learn other ones. They can even build their moves according to the playstyle. 

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The game uses a battle-type system to classify the roles, weaknesses, and strengths of a pokemon. The five battle types are explained below. 

  • Attacker: Those Pokemon having low endurance with the prime role of dealing with heaving damages caused by enemies. Their kits are specific for dealing with heavy ranged harms. 
  • Speedster: High speed is the specialty of these types of pokemon. They are best for scoring points and making quick attacks. 
  • All-rounder: Choose these pokemon when you are looking for all-in-one actions, I.e., high endurance and offense. 
  • Defender: They only work to hinder the opponents and defend the allies of the players. These Pokemon have high endurance for this purpose. 
  • Supporter: These pokemon are specialized for healing allies and supporting your team. 

Final Conclusion: 

The powers and specialties of Pokemon determine a great role in your wins. But make sure to use the right Pokemon at the right time. Once you develop efficiency, scoring goals and winning tournaments will not be a problem for you. 

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