Pokemon Unite: Do you Need Nintendo Switch Online to Play

Pokemon Unite is a free-to-play strategy battle game featuring Pokemon as team members that are releasing this year.  The game starts with two teams having five players or Pokemon each, fighting in an arena to score goals. As the match progresses, new moves and specialties of pokemon unlock and they level up. 

Players have complete control over choosing five Pokemon. Although these pokemon have their specialties and powers. But the game works on the impact of power rather than the powers themselves. So, you need not remember the features and powers of every pokemon separately. 

Battle Pass System and Aeos Currency for Team Matches 

The game features a special battle pass for taking part in matches and a game currency called Aoes gems. The pass will enable you to earn numerous rewards during the combat. Pass as many missions as you can to upgrade them. The developers understand that it is difficult for a new member to pass matches or missions. Therefore, they can use Aeos gems to upgrade them and claim even greater rewards. These Aeos coins are attained through gameplay.

 In addition to getting a license for running in the battles, buy fashionable cosmetics and hold items for dressing up your Pokemon. These additional accessories will not give any special features and qualities to your pokemon and affect only their appearance. 

Do you need Nintendo Switch Online to play 

Ever since the news about the Pokemon Unite release broke out, people have been wondering whether they need Nintendo Switch Online to enjoy it. Well, there is no need to worry as the developers are well aware of the problems of the general public. You need not buy a Nintendo Switch Online to enjoy it as another option is coming for you. 

A few days back developers revealed that the game will debut in July solely on Nintendo switch before making its way into the mobile a few months back. According to the reports, you can enjoy Pokemon Unite in September on your mobile phones. To make it even easier, the online game also works without the Online Nintendo Switch subscription. 

So, people are happy that they need not pay extra money to run in the tournaments and take part in team matches with their friends after its release in July. In addition to that, there is no upfront, subscription, or download fee for Pokemon Unite. Although you can start the game without paying a penny, you might need to pay a few dollars to progress in the upper levels. 

Final Conclusion: 

At this point, we can’t share the exact release date on mobile phones and Nintendo switches. But the important thing is the game supports cross-play between mobile devices and the Nintendo switch. Cross progression is also available. 

In the previous versions, we have seen Fire Pokemon defeating the Grass species, but this time they are divided into the Attacker, speedster, All-rounder, Supporter, and Defender. Each of these comes with its unique set of qualities as their name suggests. Therefore, stay tight to get hands-on it as soon as it comes into the market.

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